Columbus Capital is the missing link between traditional investment management expertise and the technological breakthroughs represented by a new asset class: blockchain-based assets.

We strongly believe that this new asset class should be part of any well-diversified traditional investment portfolio.

What we do

We are investment specialists investing exclusively in blockchain-based assets.

We pay extraordinary attention to every detail of portfolio construction, asset selection, and trade execution. Our investment strategies are based on fundamentals supported by attractive long-term sustainability. Though we are predominantly fundamental investors, we do not neglect technical evidence. We are investing in uncharted territories, and our investment tools should not be constrained.

Our funds

We believe a well-structured portfolio investing in liquid assets will outperform in good markets and protect our client’s capital when markets become more difficult.


Blockchain Index (BLX) - Is passively managed fund investing in established blockchain based projects with active beta component. Fund is market cap weighted, adjusted for trading volume and free float. Blockchain Index is a well diversified vehicle keeping the finger on the pulse of the blockchain economy. Focus of the investment selection is on nascent projects with potential strategic importance in the future distributed economy.

Blockchain.ONE - a fund soon to be listed on traditional, internationally regulated exchanges


Pinta (CCP) - Is a closed-end actively managed fund investing in crowdfunded blockchain based projects (ICOs). Investment strategy is based on proprietary fundamental analysis. Pinta strives to pursue superior returns on the upside and protects the investor's funds on the downside.

Who we are

About Igor Erker

Igor has been in the traditional fund management industry since 1998. He holds a master’s degree in investment management from Cass Business School in London and is an executive MBA candidate at Cambridge University. Igor has managed a number of funds, focusing mostly on public equity investments in developing Europe and emerging America and Asia. These funds regularly ranked among the best-performing funds in their categories. Igor is the co-founder of two traditional fund management companies, Numerica Partners and Alta Funds, the predecessor to MP AM. He has a passion for emerging markets and emerging thematic products. He is also a regular columnist and commentator and one of the most sought-after financial analysts in Europe.

About Jani Valjavec

Jani Valjavec is the co-founder of ICONOMI, the first global fund management platform for the decentralized economy. He is a crypto and app token expert and a well-known member of the blockchain community. He was an early blockchain enthusiast back in 2013 when he co-founded Cashila, the first registered Bitcoin company in Europe to acquire a license for the execution of banking transactions via bitcoin. In 2016, he and Tim Mitja Zagar founded ICONOMI, a digital assets management platform that provides access to a variety of digital assets and the ability to combine and trade them.


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